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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

AVG Internet Security

The biggest addition to AVG Internet Security 8.0 is Linkscanner, but the integration is less than optimal. Also, the apparent lack of antiphishing protection within AVG Internet Security is curious. Linkscanner is known for two things: its capability to block malicious code and its lack of antiphishing protection. AVG considers its antispam technology as its antiphishing protection, but e-mail phishing is just one part of the threat.
We tested AVG Internet Security 8.0 by visiting five current phishing Web sites listed on Phish Track. AVG reported none to be suspicious, although the default antiphishing protection in Firefox 2.0 did flag several sites.
For threat testing, we directed our browser to a site known to host malicious content. AVG Internet Security 8.0 did flag the site, however, our request for additional information about the threat produced a generic AVG virus encyclopedia page. With the standalone Linkscanner Pro package, it would tell us which exploit it found and it would produce a rich log archive so you can see which sites it said had malicious software. We couldn't find any of that within AVG Internet Security.
Aside from active Web threats, AVG Internet Security 8.0 protects against threats within downloaded images, music, and from instant messaging and peer-to-peer file transfers.