My Friends !

Friday, January 7, 2011

After Solat Jumaat

 Hey guys. What a rainy day. But, on that day we played football on the road although it's not dry enough. That time is 2:45 pm after we solat Jumaat at Muhammadi Mosque, Kota Bharu.

Nashriq and Amin dribbling the ball meanwhile I shoot some photos to upload. Haha

Haha. This is my friend. His name is Irfan aka Lucifer. What a nice posing. Haha. And at his back, there was Amin played ball, I guess. It was so lucky time because there was no rain and we can played football without wet cloth. Oh crap, this guy is so handsome. Haha

Weekend with Aidil and Fikri

Hey guys. What a great day. Having fun with this kids is good to release my tension. They just like my young brothers because they like to play with me and nice to me. Besides that, we had a kid race between Fikri and Aidil near their houses. First lap, the race was won by Aidil. But, on the second lap Fikri leave Aidil at his back because Aidil was accidentally crash with a bin. Hahaha. Poor Aidil.